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Colombian coal is mined in the Northern Territory of Colombia, specifically in the departments of Guajira, Magdalena, Atlantico and Bolivar. This region is characterized by dry savannah forests that benefit the proliferation of trees from which our charcoal is made. Mainly Trupillo and Quebracho trees are used. "Granadillo", "Guacamayo" and "Aromo" are used to a lesser extent. These are species that are notable for their high density and excellent quality of the resulting product.
 Its wood is hard and heavy. The bark is thick and the leaves are light green with soft and smooth leaves. The trunk is straight and cylindrical and reaches an average height of 20 meters.
 Conversion process: The process ensures that the end product achieves the correct degree of carbonation and other required properties as required: Colour: Glossy black Carbon content: 98% Maximum moisture: 7-9% Solid carbon range: 80 %, Burn time: 5 - 6 hours, Ash: 2.5% - 5.2%.

Colombia coal (1000 kg)

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